The Beginning

This is my first attempt at keeping a regular blog. My hope is to start a weekly conversation with my parishioners, friends and family on what I have written each week. I love the art of preparing sermons, as well as delivering them. What is miss is the opportunity to talk about them. Not just in terms of good, bad or indifferent, but on a deeper level. I would love to enter into a communal discourse on how you responded to the sermon, what do you agree with, disagree with and how were you challenged. To this end I begin this blog humbly referred to as frcraig1.


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  1. Dick Wiley says:

    Fr. Craig’s report points out that despite the bleak national statistics, St. Luke’s Camillus still exists. I think this means God is not finished with us. I imagine God would like us to be “fruitful.” (God’s imagination could include many things for us that we have not discerned!) Science is a study of nature and can answer questions like how did the universe form and how does life work. Religion is more concerned with questions like “why are we here?” Helping people grapple with that question may be part of what God imagines for us.

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